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Look at all these s 79 714 master_ s zoomable s 79 714 master_ s zoomable s 79 715 master_ s zoomable s 79 78 master_ s zoomable s 79 78 master_ s zoomable s 79 78 master_ s zoomable s 79 79 master_ s zoomable s 793 711 master_ s zoomable s 793 711 master_ s zoomable s 79 79 master_ s zoomable s 79 78 master_ s zoomable s 79 79 master_ s zoomable s 793 711 master_ s zoomable s 793 711 master_ s zoomable s 79 79 master_ s zoomable s 793 711 master_ s zoomable s 79 79 master_ s zoomable s 79 78 master_ s zoomable s 79 78 master_ s zoomable s 79 78 master_ s zoomable s 79 78 master_ s zoomable s 79 78 master_ s zoomable s 79 78 master_ s zoomable s 79 79 master_ s zoomable s 79 78 master_ s zoomable s 79 79 master_ s zoomable s 79 79 master_ s zoomable s 792 711 master_ s zoomable s 79 79 master_ s zoomable s 79 78 master_ s zoomable s 793 711 master_ s zoomable s 22 & 23 are not in sync and they break the flow. One person even suggested me to remove pic 23 because it disturbs the sequence. But I think the artist did it purposely. italic As Srilekha user 186466134 mented May be it's like all the above zoomed out pictures are not real so they are stable (magazine poster on the bus and the stamp). But 22 and 23 are real he wanted to show some difference. In pic 23 people started moving around. Thanks Srilekha user 186466134 for thisment. I didn't give any conclusion or explanation for these s in reverse order is also amazing. I had felt it but didn't suggest it for the same reason. And thank you all for 6k upvotes. All credit goes to Mr. Istvan Banyai.
In my experience the format you should choose is PDF when uploading documents to Slideshare server. The reasons are 1. To maintain the design and layout of your slides. If non Slideshare will replace your original fonts with standard and Sans fonts (Arial Georgia...)n 2. To protect the elements of your slides. You have your own s and it will be a bit blurry (PPT vs PDF.) Keep sliding!
1. italic italic Instant italic n n u2bnu2bnu2b u2bnInstant helps you to keep track of your phone usage. It will brief you about various things like overall usage of the phone number of times phone unlocked and time you've spend on each app. u2bnu2bnu2b nu2bn 2. Stitch and Share. n n u2bnu2bnu2bnu2bnu2bnThis app helps you to stitch Multiple screenshots into a single screenshot. 3. Clear focus italic nu2bn u2bnu2bnu2b If you lack concentration then this app might be for you. nIt's difficult to ex it's functioning through so I suggest you to install it. nI bet you won't regret itnI use it while studying. 4 italic . Spin me alarm italic u2bnu2bnu2b If you're an lazy ass who is not able to wake up on time I'm sure this app will 'force wake' you. nIt makes you do certain actions in order to wake you up. Test before you start using so you know how to switch off the alaram. 5 italic . Clipboard Actions italic n u2bnu2bnu2bnIt is one of the most clean apps available which allows you to do a lot more than you can imagine. nIt is extremely useful and saves loads of time. Just select a word and it will automatically show it's meaning for you in the notification shade. nYou can translate a sentence just by selecting it and do much more fun stuff. 6. Pocket italic n u2bnu2bnu2b Help you save the video s no matter where you find them. Just copy the of the video and paste it in the pocket app. n It will save it for you and you can view the video through the you saved anytime. n(i use it to save videos on instagram ) P.S. All the apps are used by me and I personally rmend them. italic Edit 1 nThanks to all who suggested these apps in thements . 7. Parallel space italic n u2bnu2bnLogin to multiple social networking or gaming accounts at the same timenu222 Balance your life and work Double your gaming experience and have more Almost all apps are supported. 8. IF italic n u2bnCreate simple connections between apps like Facebook Dropbox Instagram Twitter and Gmail as well as devices like your Nest Thermostat Fitbit and Philips Hue lightbulbs. 9. Callistics n u2bnCallistics is a virtual mobile manager app that helps you to track call logs SMS logs and data usages on your mobile more efficiently than your mobile in-built advanced logbook features.
Hi Hunter thanks for the A2A! Gaining high level and consistent traffic to your web content is a long process. Content marketing is a pretty broad term that has a lot of little pieces that need to be managed and maintained like SEO (search engine optimization) social media interaction web design and so on. But here a quick list of some important factors you need to manage for your content marketing to be successful Keep your content current and updated Encourage readers to interact with your content through likesments and shares. And then interact with your audience too! Create original engaging and useful content your target audience actually wants Optimize your content with long tail keywords and make sure to include LSI keywords (related keywords) too Advertise your content! Post about it on your social media accounts encourage people to share it send out an email with a attached where people can see your new post video infographic or whatever it is Create great content in a variety of formats. Create a short YouTube video an infographic a slideshare a podcast episode a downloadable PDF etc. Give your viewers options on how to consume your content Hope this helps!
1. Produce Content on Different Platforms Create content in different formats to tap into new networks. Each of the below networks are like miniature search engines. By producing content for the below platforms you can reach their different audiences. a. Youtube italic YouTube is the second largest search engine and the third most visited site globally. To get results with YouTube produce content that valuable to your target audience. Use the right keywords so they can find it. To get traffic from YouTube to your blog mention your blog URL in your video and include a to your blog in the video description. b. SlideShare italic On SlideShare users upload PowerPoint Keynote PDF or OpenDocument presentations. You can think of SlideShare as YouTube for presentations. To increase the chances of viewers navigating to your blog make a to your website accessible to viewers. Include a in your profile in your presentation description and within your presentation. c. Udemy italic Udemy is an online marketplace for video courses. Anyone can produce a course on any topic and publish it on Udemy. Over 2M students use Udemy to search for and consume educational content. Create video courses on topics related your blog topic and relevant to your target audience. Mention your blog in all of your lectures and include s to relevant blog posts within the notes for each lecture. You can also make announcements and send promotional emails to your students with s to your blog posts. d. Podcast italic A podcast is like a radio show for the Internet. Podcasts can be subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to aputer or mobile device. Start a Podcast on a topic similar to your blog. Mention relevant blog posts through the show and include s in the show notes. e. Quora italic Answer Quora questions that are relevant to and followed by your target audience. Provide strong detailed answers that provide value to your target audience. Link to your blog in your Quora profile in your bio line for the answer and within the answer if appropriate. f. Amazon italic Amazon has a massive network of users searching for books and other products. By self-publishing a book on Amazon you can tap into that massive userbase. Self-publish a book on the topic of your blog. Link to blog posts and your primary blog domain within the book. 2. Social Media a. Twitter italic i. Share - italic My typical tweet structure when sharing a blog post is post title relevant hashtags. For example How to Use a Blog to Market Your Business #blogging #contentmarketing. I will also quote key points from the blog post and include a . I typically tweet each blog post about 3 times after publishing it and sporadically after that. Do some searching on Twitter to determine which hashtags to use. Some hashtags have active conversation and many people following or you mentioned anybody in the blog or if there is anybody in particular you think would benefit from reading the post mention them in the Tweet by including their @handle. By mentioning them they may be more likely to respond or retweet giving you more exposure. ii. Find People Expressing a Need - italic Use Twitter search functionality to find people using keywords relevant to your blog. Engage with people who fit your target demographic. When appropriate reply to their tweets with blog posts that might be helpful. For example if someone tweets that their building a landing page reply with a blog post your wrote on landing page design. There are a few great apps you can use to search Twitter for relevant conversations quickly and easily. Check out this video course to learn more about them 13 Twitter Apps Automate and Optimize Your Twitter Marketing s . b. LinkedIn italic There are great 2 ways to get more views from LinkedIn status updates and groups. Status updates will be seen by your connections and the connections of anyone who likes your update. Groups are great regardless of how many connections you have. Search for groups related to your industry your target audience or the topic of your blog post. Join them. Share your posts in those groups. c. Google+ italic Share your posts as a status update. People who have you in their circles will see them. Post tomunities. Start by finding relevantmunities (similar to LinkedIn above). You can post directly tomunities from the share container on your home screen. You can add hashtags to your status according to the topic of the blog to increase the chances of someone finding it when searching. Per Moz Search Ranking Factors the number of Google +1 a page has is the 2nd most influential factor for how it will rank on search engines! d. Facebook italic Share your posts on your personal profile or business page. Posts that have a picture will stand out a lot more. Check out Facebook groups that pertain to the interests of your audience. For example if I were to distribute a blog post about promoting a blog post I would think about who would want to get views on their blog posts join a facebook group and share my posts there. 3. Niche Social Networks Who is your target customer segment? Who are you trying to reach? Where do they hang out? Go where your customers go. For example photographers might be hanging out on Instagram. People who travel a lot might be on Airbnb. Many industries and interest groups have online forums or discussion boards. Think about what social networks your target audience is likely to be active on especially the networks that pertain to your product area. 4. Content Sharing Networks Reddit is a social news site where registered users can submit s and users promote the articles they like. The most voted articles get promoted on the front page of Reddit which can lead to massive exposure. There are a few other article distribution sharing networks that I use that pertain to startups Hacker News Quibb and Growth Hackers. There are probably others for different industries that youll want to search for. 5. Direct Outreach While sending specific people blog posts one by one may not be a scalable traffic acquisition strategy it can have big payoffs over time and is often needed when first starting. Sending blog posts to people directly can ensure that your target audience sees it. Below are a few s of people who may benefit from your blog posts i. Audience - italic Email your blog posts directly to your target audience. If you blogging about marketing for small businesses email your blog post directly to a small business owner. Youre not being annoying if the post is truly valuable.n ii. Influencers - italic Email your blog posts directly to influential people who could help share your blog. For example I wrote a blog post about the higher education bubble and sent it to a popular economist who hosts a radio show and often speaks on CNBC. He then shared it on Twitter to all of his followers.n iii. Curators - italic Email your blog posts directly to people who curate content and share it with their audience such as newsletter editors and bloggers with resources pages. 6. Guest Blogging A guest blog is when you write a blog post and have it published by another blogger. Most blogs who accept guest posts will allow you to include a to your blog in your profile line of the blog post or to to other relevant blog posts within the guest blog post. Guest blogging can help you in two ways a) When your article is published on someone else blog that blog audience sees it. b) Having your domain ed to by another domain ( building) improves search ranking on Google. 7. Search Engine Optimization Many many people go to Google to find stuff blog posts included. Therefore you want to make sure your posts appear when someone enters a search term that you have a blog post in. Check out SEO 11 via Slideshare to learn more about SEO. 8. Blog Commenting Search for blogs and blog posts related to your blog and blog posts. Write value addedments on the blog posts you find. For example if you wrote a post titled How to Start a Blog search for blog posts about blogging. Add tips or your opinion about the blog posts you find and then offer your blog post to help the author and the readers with what was rmended in the blog post. 9. Build an Email List By allowing people to opt in to receiving your blog posts by email you increase your potential to get traffic on your posts. Every time you publish a post you will have a list of people to email. Mailchimp or Aweber are some of the most popular email marketing products. To learn more about blogging check out italic The Ultimate Ge to Blogging. italic italic
The only tip youll ever need to hear Stop trying to market. If we look at the evolution that has happened over the past decade (or two) on the Internet it indisputable what people wantand what they don want. People only care about 3 things on the Internet Something that entertaining. A blend of both. Person launches idea and sees success from it (because this is what people want). IntrusiveAdvertising ruins the product experience. A new person enters the space sees this littered site (that supposedly owning the space) and thinks to themselves Hey I can make something way better for that sort of consumer. The people who try to market and who think about marketing as marketing italic are the ones who end up failing. But it the people who focus on delivering real value (either by being entertaining or offering something insightful) that end up with the massive audiences. And as the Internet continues to mature this trend is only going to continue. If you want to be a better marketer stop marketing italic .
Thing around us are changing constantly with changing technology & revolutionary changes in the digital media. Everything is evolving including the way wemunicate & connect with people around us. We love tomunicate butmunication is no longer limited to mere verbal exchange of thoughts & ideas it has be far more than that & the way more than just verbal . & many more new realms has been added to it with advent of Social Media So what can you do with social media is exed below Twitter could be used to build connections with a relevant audience. These connections can lead to actions when you engage them with some promising content. Facebook offers a great opportunity to make online salesget following around the brandcreate a platform where customer discuss the products. Instagram is highly curated & personal environment the content is seen as trustworthy authentic and relevant and subsequently more likely to inspire action. Google+ offers a space to find the information relevant to the you & share it with the people who have the same interest as you. G+ also allows you to bring closer to your followers & prospective customers. To know more about specific social media platform do read How Facebook works as an Advertising Medium. ordered-list s s 2. How millennials could be targeted by business on Instagram Instagram for Business A way to target Millennials s twitter could be used as the place for making new connections. s s