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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to make apk in android phone


What is WhatsApp Plus?
It is a best-modified application of the original app. Actually you can do everything by using this WhatsApp Plus application s that you can not do in the original WhatsApp. Few are features given in the below It can hide online status blue ticks writing trick last seen and profile picture After record voice you can hide recording status for group and contacts Hide view status for contacts Use different and many themes Send large files like audio and video It has a quick sharing function Increases the video limit on status Added video call Can change the launcher icon It can automatically update to the latest Is WhatsApp Plus safe for a device? This app ispletely safe question qid 227344 for everyone. But many people do think that it is not safe to use because it is the modded app and the developer of this app can switch the code and thieve your personal data
Can anyone give me the link to download WhatsApp Plus?
Ohk for that u need do some work buddy and i'll help u; follow my instructions n Open ur browser like google chrome. Now when google open up whatsapp +. There will be more than one versions of whatsapp+. So download one according to ur requirements. They all have different features. ordered-list
Why is the Google Play Store saying, "download pending," when I don't have anything downloading?
Did you find the error Download pending s when you try to download or update an application. When you do this through the Google Play Store it is and quite obvious for us to meet. If you face this problem and cannot solve it we have a number of possible resolutions mentioned below for your reference. Reset phone The mostmon and always ignored solution is to restart the device. Trust us most of the problems in your Android phone are solved with a simple restart. When you restart or restart your smartphone clear the cache and RAM gets some free space to process your application requests. Clear cache and data from Google Play Store Another very effective solution for this error would be to clear the cache and data from the Play Store application. This can be done by long pressing the Play Store application and clicking on the application details icon. If you are on an Xioami device with MIUI 9 or later simply scroll down and press delete data. On other devices simply go to the details of the Play Store application and click on storage. From there clear the cache and data. Clear data and application cache from Google Play Services Simultaneously you can find the application mentioned above and clear your cache and data. This would be quiteplicated so read the following carefully. u222 Open your phone's browser and Google Play Service and press enter. u222 Click to open the application as shown in the screenshot below. u222 And then delete your data and cache. Search for current downloads and updates In the event that some applications are downloaded or updated in the background the Play Store will only continue processing the new download request after the current applications are updated or downloaded. If you are in a hurry all you have to do is cancel the update or previous downloads. This would begin to immediately process the download of the new application or the update request. Consider internet connectivity issues If your phone downloads and updates only through a Wi-Fi connection while using the data you can get the error mentioned above or wait for the network error. If you have an unlimited data plan simply follow the steps below to allow downloading on any network. If your Wi-Fi connection has problems we would solve this when connected to mobile data. u222 Open the Play Store application and then touch the menu button (three lines) in the upper left corner. u222 Go to Settings Application download preference Through any network. Update the Google Play Store app Finally you can also try updating the Google Play Store application which also solves the problem to some extent. Once you have finished doing the same restart the device for the change to be made.
We know that Android apps use permission to access data. How do I make/get an APK file which tracks data when installed on a phone? I'm not into hacking but want to know for educational purposes.
On Android using old verbose logging will give you real-time detailed information on what you are referring to. Download an app called CatLog. It's a simple logcat reader but will give youprehensive info on everything occurring on your device.
How does one force root an android device?
Depending on what you mean by force root there is really no definitive answer to your question. I develop firmware for Android devices at and I routinely see devices which simply cannot be rooted. There are many one-click root methods such as KingRoot which claim the capability to root any Android device. This is a blatant lie and could not be further from the truth. THERE IS NO SINGLE ROOT EXPLOIT IN EXISTENCE WHICH IS CAPABLE OF ROOTING ANY ANDROID DEVICE. To find out if your particular device has a known rooting method visit XDA-Developers Android Forums and search for your device model number in the search option. My username there is MotoJunkie1. Please feel free to search my username at XDA for the tutorials and ges I've published on rooting Android devices. I hope this answer paints a clearer picture of the ins and outs of rooting.
Is it legal to download modified APKs (which makes in-app purchases free) and APKs of apps which are not free on Google Play Store on Android phones?
It's illegal and italic it's dangerous. At least if you have anything on your phone you care about or care about keeping private. Google can and does scan every app in the store for malware. If something falls through the cracks they can press a button and delete it from everyone's phones. If you download a cracked APK it could have modified permissions so that it can steal your contacts and spam your friends. Or the cracker could use the information that you have on your phone to steal your identity or that of a friend. Or worse they could install a root escalation exploit that can then let them steal credit card numbers or even private Snapchat or other personal messages. Just pay the $2 or whatever. You probably paid more than that for a coffee this week. Unless you live in a developing country and make $2 paying for the apps you use is just the right thing to do.
What are some good photo editing apps for Android?
I would like to answer for both Android and iPhone as more people would be helped in that way. So first for Android then for Android. Android has plenty of apps for photo editing. Here I will just tell the name of the apps and the features they provide which are umon. Now everyone can shoot a photo with just an iPhone or an Android smartphone but you still need a photo editing app to polish the photos then upload them to Instagram to get many likes. What are the best photo editing apps for you?In this article we are going to show you the 12 best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android. Best Photo Editor Apps on Android 1. Google Snapseed (Android) s If you want to have the best photo editing software on Android this one possesses usually an array of editing tools that can assist in brightness colour contrast adjustments and follow various geometric correction features. The collection of advanced filters allows easy editing for glamour glow lens blur grunge HDR scape Noir and frames. Features Powerful while easy-to-use Flexible colour exposure sharpening adjustments Editing features like crop rotate straighten Healing Brush Structure HDR Perspective Pros It allows faster processing of all media file formats. Cons Beginners find its interface little awkward. Price free 2. Photomate R3 s Although this is a costly option but professional will definitely love to work on Photomate R3. This tool can easily process JPEG s 36 55 For some awesome Windows photo editing software head to Polar s Filmora s
How do I build an APK in Android studio?
Android Studio sets up new projects to deploy to the Android Emulator or a connected device with just a few clicks. Once your app is installed you can use Apply Changes to deploy certain code and resource changes without building a new APK. To build and run your app follow these steps In the toolbar select your app from the run configurations drop-down menu. Click Run . Sync tab Displays tasks that Gradle executes to sync with your project files. Similar to the Build tab if you encounter a sync error select elements in the tree to find more information about the error. Toggle view Toggles between displaying task execution as a graphical tree and displaying more detailed output from Gradlethis is the same output you see in the Gradle Console window on Android Studio 3. and earlier. Navigate to Build Execution Deployment Compiler. Click OK to save and exit. Navigate to Build Execution Deployment Deployment. Click OK. ordered-list Note Some s of changes don't cause Apply Changes to fail but still require you to restart your app manually before you can see those changes. For example if you make changes to an activity's onCreate() method those changes only take effect after the activity is relaunched so you must restart your app to see those changes. Limitations of Apply Changes Apply Changes is designed to speed up the app deployment process. However there are some limitations for when it can be used. If you encounter any issues while using Apply Changes file a bug. Code changes that require app restart Some code and resource changes cannot be applied until the app is restarted including the following Adding or deleting a method or field Changing method signatures Changing of methods or classes Changing class inheritance Changing values in enums Adding or removing a resource Changing the app manifest Changing native libraries (SO files) Libraries and plugins Some libraries and plugins automatically make changes to your app's manifest files or to resources that are referenced in the manifest. These automatic updates can interfere with Apply Changes in the following ways If a library or plugin makes changes to your app's manifest you can't use either Apply Code Changes or Apply Changes and Restart Activity and have to restart your app before you can see your changes. If a library or plugin makes changes to your app's resource files you can't use Apply Code Changes and you must use Apply Changes and Restart Activity to see your changes. You can avoid these limitations by disabling all automatic updates for your debug build variants. For example Crashlytics updates app resources with a unique build ID during every build which prevents you from using Apply Code Changes and requires you to restart your app's activity to see your changes. You can disable this behavior so that you can use Apply Code Changes alongside Crashlytics with your debug builds. Code that directly references content in an installed APK If your code directly references content from your app's APK that's installed on the device that code can cause crashes or misbehave after clicking Apply Code Changes . This behavior occurs because when you click Apply Code Changes the underlying APK on the device is replaced during installation. In these cases you can click Apply Changes and Restart Activity