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What is an APK manager?
What is an APK manager s
Is there a service or tool or product to manage APK distribution across about 200 non-Google app stores in China?
There is no such tool yet but there are services for it. The reason why there is no such tool is because most China app stores do not offer APIs for developers to automatically manage app releases or access app data which makes it technically difficult to implement a stable tool as you want. We wish there could be a tool that allows you to releases your app on all China app stores in one-click. But unfortunately there is no such tool yet. Secondly there is no need to get your app placed in all the Chinese app stores. It is that China has many app stores but the biggest five or six takes more than 8% of the market. So maintaining your app on the top 5~6 app stores should cover most of the users in China. If you want to maintain it on all the remaining small app stores there will be tons of work and it will not be efficient. There is such a service that helps international developers release and maintain their apps in China app stores. The service usually helps developers resolve many issues like language issues various documents technical issues and will finally release apps to China successfully. One of those service providers is . They help release and maintain your apps in major China app stores and help you apply for essential documents like software copyright. They are also capable to test your app in real China environment and provide technical solutions. You can always contact them for a consultation of your app status in China for free. Hope this helps with your app journey to China!
Is it possible for an uninstalled APK file sitting on your phone's file manager to drain your phone's battery?
No. Apk file is just a system executable file which is used to install the app. The file in itself cannot handle anymands or any tasks. In simple words it's just a setup file. If the app is not installed on the phone and you just have an apk of it stored in your phone it is just like any other file like mp3 or jpg which is present in your phone and consumes some MBs of your phone's memory. It cannot drain your battery as it is not capable of any action on itself.
How can I get WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4?
Once you download the WhatsApp APK go to Settings Security and check Unknown Sources because otherwise your tablet won allow you to install the app. After you check the settings go to Downloads and install WhatsApp. Once the app is installed go back to Settings Security and uncheck Unknown Sources because it prevents apps downloaded from outside the Play Store to be installed on your smartphone. Launch WhatsApp and when youre asked for your phone number to verify it enter a number that youre using in a phone. Wait until you receive the SMS and enter the confirmation code in the application. Now you can use WhatsApp on your tablet without a problem. Please note that if youll verify the same phone number on another device it will stop working on the tablet. For the moment there is no method to bypass this but we are investigating and we will let you know once we find a way.