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How To Create Apk File Online: What You Should Know

In AAB Icon set, make sure the icon is the same size as the APK file. · Click Apply. · You will get the APK in the App Bundle Editor tab. · Copy the APK and paste it to your server. How to Make a Mobile Application Package Using Android Studio or MobileDevCenter — MDP Use the tool to create an APK file for Android using APK tools. 1. Click Next. 2. Click the Generate Package option to generate a package from your source code. Note: APK tools is built for Windows, but it can also create a native Android application for all platforms. 3. Select a package name for your package. It can include your package name such as Apex, X.×.×.X, etc. Once your custom package name is selected, click Next. 4. You can also select a target. The target will be the base image on which your package will be installed by Google, and you can select either a .APK, or.droid (Android package for offline download. You can either pick a .APK file or an.droid file). Note: By default, the target is.droid, and it will be installed to %APPDATA%\ (default location for new versions is %APPDATA%\Google\Android\_X. X.×.X\), but you'll be able to specify a different location if needed. 5. Click Next. 6. Choose a location for your APK file (this depends on the type of APK file creation that you used). You can choose either a directory such as “C:\Users\xxx\Appear\Local\Packages” or you can choose “S:\Projects\xxx\Appear\Local\Packages” (or similar folder) for easier access. 7. Choose your target app package name and make sure you select the appropriate target app. 8. Set a Package ID to the APK file, it is required to get the package ID from your target app. 9. Set a location for your source code in %APPDATA% 10. Set a location for your package to be installed on Google Play, set your app package name, and download the code. 11.

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