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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing apk manager for pc
Instructions and Help about apk manager for pc

Hello guys today I'm going to tell you how you can edit or modify any Android mobile application or game on your laptop or PC if you search on Google you will call to many other sources to add or modify Android apps you can do this by using Android studio or Java extract or CMD method or WinRAR method and so many other ok but all of these method need much extra Android based knowledge and the software which I'm going to tell you is really user friendly and simple you wanna initial level user can edit or modify any application by using this apk easy tool the software name is a weak is it ok to use this tool you should help make sure that your system has installed Java framework I already make a video related to download and install and how to create Java home and I'm going to provide the links of these three software's in my description you can check there so let's move to my browser okay here I'm going to write a is e 2 in my search bar hit enter you can see the first link form dot XD - you have to click on this link and then here when you click you will get the software the interface of that software will look like that I was going through with this letter but you have to go down okay here you can found the download links of this advocacy tool I'm going to use this Android file hosting click here and then just go down and you have to select the latest one is 1.5 for 140 miles if you have to click this download link and then click here to start download the file will be downloaded 16.5 handy software so i already downloaded it i'm going to take you to my download location well this is my down these are my downloads I already installed Java framework so I'm not going to install them again and this apk is a tool is portable will RAR file so you just need to extract it and directly use this tool instead of an installation so let's extract it here okay okay if you go inside this extra 10 to folder you will go to exit files one is 32-bit and the other one is 64-bit this one just to form it okay if your Windows version is started to bit then you have to use the 32-bit or if it's your window version in 64 word you have to open the 64-bit XZ fine mine window is what let me check back with properties and you will say it's 64-bit so I'm going to open the 64-bit version you have to click yes ok this is the interface of this smart tool it gives you many options I'm going to focus on only mostly required option so what are those disk you have.