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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing pptx powerpoint


What year is PPTX in PowerPoint?
pptx is not a year (I presume you though it looked like a roman numeral) it is the extended (technically known as XML) power point format that was introduced with Office 27 when many advanced features and formats were introduced.
How do I repair corrupt PowerPoint file?
PowerPoint file gets corrupted due to the following reason Virus attack Forcefully cancellation of Powerpoint file Human error Hard disk failure etc. PowerPoint file can be repaired manually There is a built-in- repair feature in Microsoft PowerPoint that is Open and Repair feature. Launch Microsoft PowerPoint program on your system2 Click File tab 2Click open or press Ctrl=+O. Browse corrupt PowerPoint file location2 Select the file. Now Click the drop-down button2 option Open and Repair Click on it. If the corruption is minor it can fix it otherwise third-party tool help bes a necessity. One such tool is SysInfotools PPT Repair Tool. It does not need technical know-how and even a novice user can use it. Also it is simple and easy-to-use. You can choose from both the option whichever suits your requirement.
Why don’t my pptx. docs download to PowerPoint? I go to "Default Programs" and try to associate .pptx files to PowerPoint 2007, it is not an available option even when I browse for the program. I can't see it in the Microsoft Office folder.
its because 27 is an old version from before pptx was invented. For pptx you need Office 21 or later. There used to be a converter you could add to 27 but I don't know whether it still exists. The easiest way (if you don't want to upgrade) is to get the other users to save the files in ppt format. Its an option in later versions of PowerPoint.
What is PPTX in presentation software PowerPoint?
A file with the PPTX file extension is a Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML Presentation file. These files are used to store slide show presentations. PPTX files use abination of XML and ZIP topress its contents. PPTX files can contain formatted objects multiple slides images videos and
Which is the best online viewer for a Microsoft Powerpoint ppt/pptx that supports animations and API controls to control the slide show?
for for businesses.n nFull support for pixel-perfect graphics nearly all animations and some transitions using the PowerPoint Web App. SkyDrive is free just log in with your Microsoft account. Plus you can the deck in any major update is in preview release right now. See here for how to enable the preview on your Skydrive accountn n(bias alert I was lead PM for the team that created this app)
What is the best presentation you've ever seen?
PowerPoint has been the staple of the business presentation for a good many years and with the imminent release of PowerPoint 213 and the inevitable shift towards tablets that Windows 8 will help facilitate it is likely to be so for a good many more. However precisely as Apple planned 3 the halo effect of the iPhone and the iPad has encouraged more users to bring Macs to work. And with thates the question Can we do this on Keynote? Ive used a Mac as my homeputer for a long time and flitted between it and Windows for work. However Ive never used Keynote. My challenge was to pitch PowerPoint vs Keynote to go about creating Keynote versions of BrightCarbon visual slides and document the differences between the process and the results. Menus and shortcuts The first difference between the two programmes (or Apps as we are now supposed to call them) is the set-up of the menus. In typical Apple style Keynote presents you with a sparse clean 3 but unfamiliar menu. While all the options you need are there 3 things like colour formatting drop shadows alignment they are squirrelled away behind drop-down menus and tabs. Other options such as send to back and flip horizontally can only be accessed by manually adding them to a customized toolbar. I work with a large number of shortcuts attached to my toolbar in PowerPoint so having to hunt through the icons to find what I need is frustrating. However as I mentioned you can add some more functionality into the toolbar by customizing it and once you fully explore the inspector window youll find that most things are collected together there as you expect. Themes masters and customisation There is no doubt that Keynote has the upper hand in its default templates. Apple has designed a huge library of backgrounds and layouts that are polished and slick. Some are a little fun for my liking but Keynote 3 unlike you might say of PowerPoint 3 has been designed for home projects as well as business. Apple templates are crafted with media in mind with large placeholders for pictures and great frames to hold them. The backgrounds included in the templates immediately mark out a Keynote slide from a PowerPoint slide. Where Apple uses subtle effects like chalkboard paper and leather to add ure to the design Microsoft opts for stripy lines butterflies and snowflakes 3 unsubtle if not downright vulgar. That said it is rare that apany will opt for a default template for its own material and so the actual utility of Apple offering for business applications will be limited. I say that Keynote inches ahead of PowerPoint in this area 3 the default themes are much prettier and editing them is just as easy in both programmes. While Keynote falters slightly on its palette options the choice (and inspiration) provided by the built-in themes is something that Microsoft should be ashamed of. Shapes pictures and charts Here wee to the nub of it. While there is an awful lot to love about Keynote one of the frustrations for advanced users will undoubtedlye from the fact that creating and manipulating custom shapes is so limited. I spend probably half my time working with custom shapes in PowerPoint 3 creating new objects adding layers grouping and merging. This functionality opens up a huge world of potential in terms of creating visual slides and is one of the greatest benefits of PowerPoint 27 over its predecessors. Without being able to merge objects into new shapes we have to either use key point manipulation or create the shape in another programme (Illustrator etc.) and import them. Neither is desirable and shouldn be necessary 3 Microsoft sorted this five years ago. PowerPoint vs Keynote Let'spare and contrast | BrightCarbon s