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Questions & answers

Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
Which is the best app to on a mobile? Following are the best app to on a mobile Microsoft Powerpoint Google Slides ordered-list
If you have an android phone then quickoffice by google provides you the support for opening pptx file. If it is not installed in your mobile then search and install it using google play. Microsoft Office Mobile Microsoft Office Mobile - Android Apps on Google Play s will also help you for the same.
I don know I think .ppt is a Power Point (tm) MS Office file and .pptx is a newpressed maybe xml file (I don like xml but like html of course I remember first browser called mosaic? I the past I run mosaic in slackware linux his author CERN gives a conference in my university) format. Like .doc and .docx for World files. My 2 cents. Best. horizontal-rule Post data I hate xml so much that I wrote a short Perl script called I used it to read the short list of notes .docx of other professor (Enrique) of an extraordinary exam. I can remember the course not so long ago. La Laboral. I think xml config files i.e. apache are a bad idea. Classic .conf files could be more clear.
You can open a PowerPoint (PPTX) file with the native Keynote app or with the Microsoft PowerPoint app. You can find these apps in the App Stores for iOS and MacOS. E.g. the iOS s are Keynote s u2eMicrosoft PowerPoint s
Geebus hasn anyone heard of GOOGLE? How do I open a PPTX file in Windows 7 s
Hi Let first restart the device and check if it resolve the issue. If the issue still persist you may clear the App Data Cache for the Office apps and check if it helps. You may refer to this PowerPoint files recovery s solution or below steps to clear the App Data Cache. 1. Go to Settings select on App. 2. Go to the particular Office application right click on it a select Clear Cache. 3. Repeat the same with the Other Office applications such as Excel PowerPoint. 4. Re launch the app and check if the issue persist. Hope it helps.
I was a program manager for Microsoft Word from 29 to 211 and one of the areas I worked on was the .docx OOXML format. I can't speak for the other file formats only for Word. There are a couple of big reasons why the OOXML was beneficial (or at least not harmful) to Microsoft from apetitive perspective The main factor I saw was extensibility. Word occupies a key part of many businesses' workflows. For most of its history a Word document was primarily opened by the Word client. However there's more of a need for automation of creating documents today. Let's take creating invoices for example there's no need to spin up Word client now as I can programmatically inject content directly into the XML. This wasn't possible before. So from a platform perspective this was a big win.
a2a but all I can think of is s If you could use a server you could convert the document to HTML on the server and use a normal wysiwyg editor.