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Pptx Viewer Mac: What You Should Know

Mavericks or later, OS X 10.8.x Yosemite or later, and Windows Vista and Windows 7. We've documented how to add and remove columns in Microsoft PowerPoint. We've also posted a video. Add, delete and rename columns in Microsoft PowerPoint This article is intended to help you remove, modify or add columns in Microsoft PowerPoint to better display your information. How to add or remove columns in Microsoft PowerPoint To remove, modify or add columns in Microsoft PowerPoint, go to Microsoft's My PowerPoint app in the Mac OS X menu bar, choose View > Manage. Under Options, you'll see a column list. If you want to add or remove columns, click Add, change or remove (or select) columns. Columns in Microsoft PowerPoint can also be dragged around the slide to reorder them. To sort in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation by a particular column, choose Change. The columns are organized by date. If you are trying to add, remove or rename a single column to include a date, click Add Column. This adds or removes a specified Microsoft PowerPoint column. You can also rename a single column (or rename the column selection). To remove and rearrange a Microsoft PowerPoint column, remove the last column in the column list. To change how the last column in the column list is displayed, choose Hide Last Column. You can't remove or rename Microsoft PowerPoint columns with hidden columns. If you want to hide or show the Last Column in an open Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, click Hide Last Column. You can't hide or show columns with hidden columns. To create a new Microsoft PowerPoint column, click New. To rename Microsoft PowerPoint columns, click Rename. To delete a column that is already in the list, click Delete. To remove all columns in Microsoft PowerPoint, click All. To change how all Microsoft PowerPoint columns in an open presentation are displayed, click Change. How to view presentations from Microsoft PowerPoint and PowerPoint Online You no longer need to manually connect to Microsoft PowerPoint and PowerPoint Online to view presentations and modify the document layout. To view PowerPoint in Office for Mac 2023 and PowerPoint Online, you will have to install the Office 2023 Software Updates package; otherwise, you will not be able to view or modify PowerPoint files in Microsoft Office.

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