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If your PowerPoint file is already ready to be played you can skip Steps 136 below. Create a slide for each picture. (Use the Blank slide Layout; and Insert the picture.) Go to Slide Show and Rehearse Timings. Add an audio file for music if you so choose. Save the file as a .ppsx (which will make it play without having to press any keys) Choose your desired quality. Note that higher quality videos are much larger in file size and take a much longer time to create so you might want to select one of the lower ones if that will suit your needs. Click Create Video and when prompted in the Save As box give it a name that you like and note or change the location where it is being saved. Note that it will be saved as an MP4. Go fix yourself a snack or clean up your desk or something because you have a long wait ahead!
First I would make sure the PowerPoint slide show has no errors and the right music and the right content and the right sequence and the right length for your target audience. Next I would use a video capture tool while running the PowerPoint slide show. Finally I would use a video editor tool to export the project into MP4 format. The time to do this would depend on the speed of yourputer and the length of the video. How long is your PowerPoint slide show? Would you like me to do this work for you?
1. Find the web video you would like to insert into your PowerPoint 28 . Copy the URL for the video.. Navigate to (there are other free media converters but I've tried and had success with this one) .n4. Paste in the URL for the video and select MOV or WMV from Conversion Format. (Mov files will play on Macs but will not play on PCs. Wmv files will play on PCs but not on Macs. If you will be presenting on a PC select wmv and read the note below before inserting your video into PowerPoint.)n5. Adjust the conversion options if you would like and click Continue . n6. Name the file and then click Start. n7. Once converted click the Download button and save the video where you can find . In PowerPoint 28 ensure that you are working on the slide where you would like to insert the . From the Standard toolbar select the Media tool and choose Insert Movie (if you do not see this toolbar from the Menu bar choose View Toolbars Standard). The Insert Movie dialog box . Navigate to your saved video and click . Select whether you would like your video to start Automatically or When . When you view your slide show simply click the video to play it. Click the nvideo again to pause or stop it.r Note If you will be presenting your slide show from a PC you should have converted the video to wmv (the rest of these steps would still apply to you). There are several programs that will allow Mac users to play wmv files on their systems but I have tried and had success with Flip4Mac which you can download for free (). You may need to restart yourputer before the software will allow you to watch the wmv files and insert them into your PowerPoint presentation.r
What are the differences between .avi and .mp4? AVI and MP4 are all video formats container. I cannot say .avi format surely have better uality than .mp4 format. It depends on many factors like player device editing device video quality and so on. Fundamentally it depends on the encode. Here the list of differences between .avi and .mp4. .mp4 formatpression ratio is larger the storage size is small relatively. .avi fromat is invented by Microsoft. The .avi videos have high quality but big size. Different device support different video format. A part of devices just support .mp4 formats. How do you convert MP4 to AVI? A professional converter is nice to choose. I will introduce you a professional one named Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for Windows. Apple users can download Pavtube iMedia Converter Mac . This software can convert easliy. And it keeps high quality of video after converting. You can also improve the quality of video by choose high quality output format. At the same time there are many .avi format with different encode. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate can help you choose the correct one which you need by simple steps. Here are the steps. Step 1. Download Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate online. Install and run it. Within 3 minutes a professional converter software will be in your localputer. Step 2. Import .mp4 format video into Pavtube Converter Ultimate iMedia Converter by clicking File button. You can drag file into the software too. Then click Format to choose the output format .avi. You can choose the most suitable one according to your output device. Step 3. Click Convert to start convert. A new format video wille soon.
You need a piece of video editing software preferably one with pre packaged transitions. VSDC is free you can get it from CNET and it has everything you're looking for. When turning stills into movie you're effectively making a slideshow. The only choices would be duration per slide and what transition to use (I think the transition being used in fb friends day is called fly in but there are hundreds. This is all pretty similar to a powerpoint slideshow on auto I think there is actually a powerpoint converter available somewhere for this use. Additionally you'll probably want to add an audio track to the slide show but that's pretty easy in any video editor. The bottom line like any piece of software you'll have to ovee the learning curve though maybe someone will have made a tutorial you can find by googling.
UFUWare AVCHD Converter for Mac is the best free AVCHD video converter software which can convert any AVCHD wrapped video codec to general video formats on Mac OS X. AVCHD is not a video file format accutually but a video container wrapped and codeced with a variety of differentpression standards which usually is seen in the video format of MTS M2TS MOD and TS. This AVCHD converter can convert all above mentioned video formats wrapped with AVCHD container. This avchd converter also support directly convert AVCHD container to other mutimedia devices such as iPad PSP iPhone Android Phone surface Apple TV PS3 and so on. This AVCHD video converter support latest windows 8 and os x mavericks 1.9. AVCHD Camcorders Now there are many AVCHD Camcorders on the market. Those popular are Sony AVCHD like Sony HDR-SR1 Sony HDR-CX7E AVCHD 18i Canon AVCHD like Canon HG1 AVCHD 4GB High Definition Camcorder Panasonic AVCHD like Panasonic HDC-SD9GK. Key Features of UFUWare AVCHD Converter for Mac u222Convert all High-Definition video formats including HD ASF HD AVI HD HD Quick Time HD MPEG2 (MPEG MPG) HD MPEG2 TS HD MPEG4 HD MPEG4 TS HD WMV etc. to video or audio formats; u222AVCHD software supports converting to iPod iPhone Apple TV PSP PS3 Xbox Mobile Phone; u222AVCHD Converter software allows you to edit advanced profile settings and add profile you need; u222You can choose to run the HD converter in background for convenience; u222Snapshot to capture any picture of the video you like. What is AVCHD format? AVCHD Advanced Video Codec High Definition is a high-definition and standard-definition recording format for use in digital tapeless camcorders. AVCHD (AVC-HD AVC HD) video is recorded using the MPEG-4 AVC videopression codec. Audio is stored in eitherpressed form (Dolby AC-3) or upressed form (multichannel PCM). Asides from recorded audio+video AVCHD includes features to improve media presentation menu navigation slide shows and subtitles.
SWF SWF ( swif) is an abbreviation for small web format an Adobe Flash file format used for multimedia vector graphics and ActionScript. Originating with FutureWave Software then transferred to Macromedia and thening under the control of Adobe SWF files can contain animations or applets of varying degrees of interactivity and function. It may also be used for programsmonly browser games using ActionScript. MP4 MPEG-4 Part 14 or MP4 is a digital multimedia format mostmonly used to store video and audio but can also be used to store other data such as subtitles and still images.2 Like most modern container formats it allows streaming over the Internet. The only official filename extension for MPEG-4 Part 14 files is .mp4 but many have other extensions mostmonly .m4a and .m4p. M4A (audio only) is oftenpressed using AAC encoding (lossy) but can also be in Apple Lossless format. M4P is a protected format which employs DRM technology to restrict copying. MPEG-4 Part 14 (formally ISO 14496-1423) is a standard specified as a part of MPEG-4. Method to change SWF to MP4 There is no direct way to change SWF to MP4 unless you free download a video converter to change the SWF videos to MP4 format like Kigo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac .