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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing convert powerpoint audio to text


How can I convert PowerPoint audio files to text. For example, if my lecturer has a PowerPoint presentation with text and audio files, how can I convert the audio files to text?
Have you done a search for the many answers on the web and in Quora? E.g. What is the best way to convert audio recordings of speech into ? question qid 22557 Some are clearly out of date there but have some ideas. When I needed to do this recently I played the audio back from my smartphone into Word dictation mode. Worked very well. Of course one must proofread correct and format. There are now many free speech to programs and smartphone apps. Answering How can I convert PowerPoint audio files to . For example if my lecturer has a PowerPoint presentation with and audio files how can I convert the audio files to ?
How can a Powerpoint presentation be converted into a video with audio from text?
Here is a solution that I adopt. Screen capture. Use (free tool) to screen capture as you walk through the presentation. The nice aspect of this solution is you get to interact with your presentation as you walk through the presentation as opposed to a static conversion of your presentation. By interacting I mean you can move your mouse pointer start and stop slide animations in pageetc. Also you can choose to capture just the area of the screen you want captured if you dont desire full screen. Once you finish screen capture you can upload it directly to youtube - there is an option provided in ezvid to do just that. Text to Speech. For to speech there aren't really any good solutions that don't have the typical robotic best I havee across is IVONA Text-to-Speech Voices (they were recently acquired by Amazon). They also support means to alter inflections add pauses etc. into the speech by ding notations into the file. I have of late abandoned this approach and now speak myself despite this being the best one out there that I know of.
How valid is Edward Tufte's argument that PowerPoint is "evil"?
The question of the good and bad features of PowerPoint is probably worth pursuing but it is a misleading question relative to the content of the Tufte critique. Tufte's critique is more specifically about the ways in which a slide based outline typically (1) fails to capture the best organization formunicating technical information and (2) fails as an aid for usefully stimulating collaborative discussion. The temptation or sometimes implicit pressure or even requirement to use a slide based outline with PowerPoint out of convention is probably the factor that so strongly s the critique to that tool rather than intrinsic hard limitations of the tool. The validity of the critique seems to me to rest heavily on the question ofparison. Outline slides fail tomunicate technical information and stimulate problem solving discussionpared to what? Well-designed graphics illustrative photos mnemonic aids andpelling narratives all can enhance the starting point of outline slides. With additional work most tools can be used to add those and more. More to the point of the critique though the product interface and local conventions for using it may encourage outline slides and even discourage other kinds of discussion aid and that may play a role in fostering of poorly constructed presentations with very little forethought. Also themon use of slides to double as reference notes to the presentation content in which case the outline format may be a more intentional choice of format for convenience. So the converse question is also worth considering; do outline slides add value to a presentation? I think they do when used judiciously. The value of the critique is reminding us to think about the best way tomunicate information and learn to use the range of aids available rather than relying on an outline as our solemunication tool and to learn to make best use of the media for our rhetorical purposes rather than resting on conventions that mostly reflect slide layout limitations and tool defaults and interface design .
What is the best software for making a music video?
Well choosing a best software for making a music video ispletely depend on the scale you are working. In simple word there is different rmendations for beginner or professional. Please check theplete ge for rmendation 5 Best Software for Music Videos - Made Stuff Easy s For different level of editing there are many software. If you haven't used any music making video software then go for beginner level and when you arefortable with it then go for professional software. Check out the list of best software from Beginners to Advanced level Digiarity VideoProc s (Beginners) Digiarity VideoProc is best rmended if you are starting as a beginner. It has basic features and quick sidebar tools to work with video editing. It offers your free trial version so you can also try it. Wondershare Filmora s (Beginners to Advanced) Filmora is my personal favorite. With same price range onparison to above we can get additional tools to make or video more creative more fancy and more attractive. The best thing is it offers Comprehensive video courses for beginners to make editing more easy. Adobe Premiere Pro s (Advanced Professional) This is only rmended if you have basic understandings of all major tools that you require in editing. Otherwise it is hard to work with zero knowledge. ordered-list I hope you find the information useful and definitely chosen best one for you. If you are not able to select best one for you then do check the in beginning for perfect ge.
Can I add speech to the text of a PowerPoint presentation and then convert it into a video?
Yes You can do it easily. The of speech can be added to power point but it need a proper strategy like First you have to divide the speech in some points and then pick some important words for Headings and bullets to make it understandable effective simple and influential. It is amon rule the the less you put on the slides the more you can speak because putting all the on the slides will kill the suspense factor and it is very effective to make you viewers suspicious about you idea up to some extent You can also hire online service for you presentation citation target title Access to This Page Has Been Blocked index 1 unique_id hOgZC