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WPS Office is one of the best apps that I havee across as far as Word document Excel sheet PPT or PDF are concerned. Its very useful app and can open almost any of document. You can even try MS office suit but they have individual apps for Word ppt etc. It alsoes with some other free and premium features like templates fonts PDF tools etc. You can check them out as well. In case you are talking about a app for converting PDF to and fro something visit iLovePDF | Online PDF tools for PDF lovers s or Edit PDF free with online PDF editor s These helped me a lot. If you like them don forget to bookmark them. Hope it was helpful. )
The Biggest Problem With Education System is This So this is a snap from my Computer Science Textbook (for class 11th). One of the starting (and the basic) program is that of wee to c++ or hello world'. So I decided to run this simple code on an online c++piler. As you can see it ended up showing error. So I removed the error from first line. Then I encountered a second one! So after going through a couple of forums to know where I actually went wrong. Turns out to be just fine now. So I took on another program. So I tried to execute this program as well with previous understanding of modifications. Alas! Still faced with a bug. So I went on again to search for what is actually causing the error Now if you notice at the bottom of screenshot it is saying 214315. So it is running a fairly updated version of CPP shell. Now notice this The book has been reprinted in the year 215 but all the modern etiquettes of programming were not updated at all. It only got reprinted. italic Sad part is that it won't get executed for the last three versions of C++ as well. This is what the education system is getting wrong. Textbooks need to get updated time-to-time to cope up with this ever changing world full of information from everywhere. We as a 21st Century Human Being should always be updated with all the happenings. Because in this ever changing world not changing yourself will lead you to impending doom. Though this might be a small error but if it's present in a subject which is always changing thanks to modern technology getting modernized day in and out system had certainly lagged behind and failed. Edit Okay its that it works perfectly fine on Turbo c++pilers and doesn't works on otherpilers. But with little bit of googling you will find that Turbo C++ itself is a discontinued project. It may be perfect for beginners but why not start with the basics on something that is updated with next-gen features? Perhaps using updated platforms would rather help more in understanding the basics and platform even more. That reminds me of another problem of the system. We are so fixated on the idea of basics that all through my primary and secondary schooling I had to go through all what is aputer? and Parts of Computer' again and again!
Wondershare PDFelement is a professional PDF tool that enables users to edit OCR s and graphics with original presentation layout fonts and & Combine PDFn- Combine different format files into a new Services & WiFi Transfern- Import files from cloud storage including DropboxGoogle DriveOneDriveBox or via WiFi wireless to PDFn- Quickly snap a photo of anything into a PDF and share with Managementn- Merge extract reorder rotate and delete PDF pages to gain better reading File Managementn- Embedded with special folders to manage PDF effortlessly and customize your own PDF - Insert picture of your hand written signature or draw pixel perfect signature on the touch Sharingn- Support printing and emailing the edited PDF directly. Wondershare PDFelement is listed in Wondershare Programs s
There is no good way to use Microsoft Word to edit PDFs. Microsoft Word is used for authoring an original document not modifying a portable document. True Word can import some data from a PDF. That feature is useful when you are authoring a new document and wish to salvage data from a PDF to prevent time spent entering data. In that case it is best to import the PDF into a file by itself and strip it of formatting then copy and paste it into your pre-formatted document as Normal . Then you will proceed to make other formatting changes for headings section numbering etc. If you must edit a PDF directly your edits should be minor. Even in Adobe Acrobat DC Pro you are limited in how much editing you can do. Fix a misspelled word maybe replace a word here or there. If you try to rearrange a document or make edits that cause significant changes regarding allocated space you will not get what you expect. The way flows in a PDF is not always what you expect so shortening or lengthening paragraphs will give strange results oftentimes. PDF editors are not page layout programs. So if your edits are minor and you must edit the of an existing PDF get your hands on a PDF editor (not free). If you can get away with obscuring existing and s you just need good annotation capability. If you have a Mac you can use Preview to annotate or cut and paste graphics. The free Acrobat Reader allows some annotations too. You can use annotations to white-out a section of and put in new annotation to replace it. If you are careful it may not be that noticeable. You can white-out s to alter graphics. You can create a Frankenstein Monster of a document if you like using free PDF annotation software. But then youll ask yourself why you didn just make a whole new document in Microsoft Word something you could call your own.
Cut and paste is the only way if you don't want to create new slides. You probably don't want too many bullets in a powerpoint slide unless you are creating a report. If that;s the case easier to use word than ppt.
May be .Yes As I worked on both the tools I can say Power BI installationConfiguration and Management is lot more easier whenpared to the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) have their own technicalities and BI has few limitations as it is new into the market (4 years old). With the functionality present in the Power BI Desktop that should be the standardized format(.pbix) .Every month microsoft ising up with new features for the Power BI tools where we can expect a lot of features as well as changes in the near future. Power BI has following services which are better whenpared to SSRS Visualizations more fun to create dashboards and reports with easy development ) Community Service support (adaptability and responsiveness).No need to use a seperate tool for mobile reports like in SSRS SSRS will look professional custom brand packages can be loaded allowing it to have a look and feel to match your organization. The ugly duckling of the reporting world has gotten an extreme makeover. But there is one slight problem. All of these enhancements are great but they continue to position SSRS and Power BI as separate distinct platforms. SSRS has few strong features Delivery reports in multiple formats automatically (Scheduling via Subscriptions). Better for on-premise security control. You can control the clients used to visualize the reports. Requires SQL SERVER licenses At this point of time it is better to learn PowerBI as it has a lot of demand in the market and as I said I personally love two tools really work together with SQL 216 I encourage to look into the new vision for BI going forward. SSRS reports in Power BI Service Desktop files as backend for SSRS reports - looks really exciting!!