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Convert Powerpoint To Word Mac 2016: What You Should Know

Full Frame Quality or Normalized Video. · Select the destination file location and click OK. Download your presentation from Slideshare. Step-by-step instructions · Click on Help > Installation and Setup. How to Convert a PowerPoint with Pictures to a Word Document Instructions for macOS:Open your PowerPoint presentation and select the .ppt file.2. Navigate to the Slideshare menu > Export.3. Select the location you want to save the file to (Documents / Desktop, for example).4. Choose the document format you want (Microsoft Word). Click Save. Open the file in Microsoft Word. Open the Word Document. Select file ‐ Open menu and choose Word Document.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing convert powerpoint to word mac 2016

Instructions and Help about convert powerpoint to word mac 2016

There may come a time when you're giving a presentation of when the audience they want a copy of your presentations so when you're giving it they can take notes and reference like slide three they got something inspirational they can go ahead and write it next to that slide when we talked about this in an earlier training video how we can go ahead and print out handouts by coming up here and clicking on the file tab going down to print and then changing it from you know the default full page slides and saying well there you go your handouts you know three slides per page and you got lines next to each slide that when you print it off they can go ahead and write in those lines well what if you want to be able to customize this but you don't want it to show up in the presentation well guess what you can export this into Microsoft Word something separate than the presentation but it can be linked so any updates you make in the presentation will update it word along with your customization within word okay does that sound cool I am sold let's go ahead and do it so when you're backstage to go ahead and export this to Word just come down from print down to export and then say that you want to create handouts select that and it says create handouts in Microsoft Word and it says you can put slides and notes into a word document edit and format content in Word automatically update slides in the handout when the presentation changes so you can link it any changes you make in PowerPoint will update in the word handouts are you ready and already let's go ahead and...


What are some unique features of Office 2019?
What are some unique features of Office 219? No Windows how-to would beplete without a review of their flagship office suite. Having gone through many incarnations since its first appearance that cemented its reputation as the office suite of choice what does Office 219 bring to the table? For the casual user who installs Office on a single desktop it will be quite difficult to see the progress Microsoft has been making on this front. The only ones visible would be the subtle facelifts and a few wee additions that will be discussed in depth later. Aside from these it basically just a fresh remake of Office 216. However once a user begins to share Office files with other people the major updates in the way the suite works can easily be seen. CLOUD-FIRST For many of its applications Microsoft has defaulted to using its OneDrive service as the storage location of choice. However this online sync system is simply the tip of the iceberg when ites to Office 219. Three new apps are in play Planner and Delve which are both exclusive to teams as well as Sway which is a sharing and presentation creation application. In the spirit of collaboration real-time collaboration features have been added to Word PowerPoint and OneNote (much like in Google services). This can be a boon especially forpanies who have standardized the use of the Office Suite. So let us take a look at the collaboration side first PLANNER AND DELVE Some bleeding-edge users will already be familiar with Delve which has been out for a while in its preview form. Right now it is available to subscribers of the Office 365 Business subscriptions. Using the considerable power of MS servers it allows users to get an automated view of what will likely be important for them to see. This is done through the use of data from the Office Graph aplete record of all documents meetings and email-related actions taken by all users. This builds a tiled dashboard of all people projects as well as documents that are related to you and what you are working on. Planner on the other hand is a new tool that lets teams set up projects and populates them with documents and tasks. Just like Delve Planner uses the Office Graph to create interactive dashboards that reflect the project status tailor-fit for all users. This was designed to replace the project-management heavy-lifting done by Microsoft Project. It is also perfect for the busy team member since it is a quicker way of keeping track of their involvement across various projects. While Delve creates a people-focused dashboard Planner creates a task-oriented one. In function the planner can be seen as similar to other existing third-party services such as Trello. However it has the advantage of integrating with the Office Graph function of the Suite allowing Office-based teams and organizations to gain considerable advantage. However if the organization does not have amitment to either host or server-based installations of Office then a separate service might be more beneficial and flexible. SWAY If you are an individual user then probably one of the most interesting things is the addition of Sway. It is an app that allows users to create catchy multimedia presentations. Unlike the slide-based presentations created by PowerPoint Sway is much more flexible. It also places the responsibility of layout style to the program itself. This leaves the user the leeway to tweak the layout themselves or to let Sway do its thing with the handy Remix! button. The app is available from Win1 App Store as well as for Office Online. Of course it alsoes with Office 219 and can be downloaded for the iPhone and iPad. Once a presentation is shared the Sway file can be viewed by anyone with a web browser. The presentations are always hosted on Microsoft own and cannot be saved offline or exported to other formats. For some users this can raise the question of longevity as MS does not exactly have a good track record of keeping its creative tools alive in the long run (think Movie Maker Live Writer and Expression). MICROSOFT VISIO Microsoft Visio is another of the lesser-known but potentially very useful Microsoft apps that have been inconspicuously carried over to Windows 1 and Office 219. It is a vector graphics and diagramming application which was released back in 216 in Standard and Professional flavors. The two editions have the same interface except that the Premium one has more templates allowing for more advanced layouts and diagrams. The latter also has the ability to connect to data sources directly while allowing the users to display the data in a graphical format. This is the version that is released as a part of the Office 365 subscription. In its release with the 219 version some new features made an appearance like one-click Excel connectivity IRM (Information Rights Management) protection for files created by it and more modern shapes and layouts. Shapes meant for site plans floor plans home plans electrical diagrams and more have been added. MICROSOFT PROJECT Useful for both employees and students as well as to those people who wish to go full micro-managing mode on projects Microsoft Project software can be a great help in developing plans assigning resources for tasks tracking all progress and even managing budgets and analyzing the workload. While some sources place it as the dominant project management application on PCs it has been a virtual unknown to the world at large because it has not been included in any of the Office Suites (despite being officially part of the Microsoft Office suite). Like Visio Projectes in both Standard and Professional editions. The 219 release adds a new Reports section as well as backwardpatibility with the previous Server version (23). It also offers better integration with the rest of the Microsoft products as well as an improved appearance overall. The new Timeline feature allows the user to customize the view allowing for multiple timeline bars as well as customized date ranges within a single view. There are also the Resource Agreements feature that gives Project Managers and Resource Managers the ability to coordinate. UPDATED FEATURES After spending a few hours working the Office Suite it will be very apparent that Microsoft has moved away from spending time on its desktop strategy and instead has focused on the cloud. This much can be gleaned as the 2 1 year gap between office 216 and Office 219 had not brought in anything innovative on the offline front. However this does not mean that there aren any good changes for the average user. Aside from the slicker interface (taking a little step back from the ultra-flat 216 version) the 3 main Office apps (Word Excel and PowerPoint) gained a new field on the menu bar that says Tell me what you want to do. This can be very useful for people who keep forgetting where some obscuremand was located simply a keyword in the box which acts like an in-app search utility. For those who need to do some serious mathematical work these three apps have also gained the Ink Equation ability ported from OneNote Ink to Math feature. This basically allows a user to write in a math equation (using a mouse trackpad etc.) which Office will automatically convert to a d notation. Speaking of OneNote this seems to be the one Office app that has not seen much improvement this time around in fact it is identical to the one released last 216 (except for the color scheme). Even the glitches are there such as subsections expanding when you add pages to them. Even the almost-mandatory Send to OneNote feature seems to be missing at least this early on. While this may be forgiven when we consider that the mobile ports of OneNote have gone into a rapid evolution improvements in the desktop edition seem to belong due. BACKSTAGE UPGRADE Backstage here does not just mean under the hood this is the actual name that was given to Microsoft File handling and Options function. This covers a pretty wide area from the way files are saved to the way they are backed up. In response to user requests the Browse button has now been made more visible in the Save As and Open dialog boxes. The order of the storage locations has also been updated to make saving more intuitive. For those on Outlook the user can have the attachments uploaded to the cloud for a better sharing experience. And speaking of Outlook A BETTER OUTLOOK The email application has gotten the lion share of upgrades outside of the cloud. This time adding an attachment offers you a list of recently-used files up front so you can find what you want to send easier. If you are sending over an item from OneDrive you can simply send a to that document instead of the file itself. The Clutter utility which began in Office 365 is also ported into the 219 edition. This is an app that uses machine learning allowing it to automatically sort your emails by pushing the lower-priority items into another folder. This is still server-based though and you can only enable it using Outlook web version. The Search function has also improved. Once Outlook sees that you are searching for a person it will automatically show you your history of correspondence with them. This is a great alternative to having to filter your emails by typing the full name of the person you are looking for. Office 219 as a whole also has a few other new features (most of which admittedly might just fly over the heads of the average user) New Statistical Financial and Hierarchical charts Visio-Excel dynamic data ing Integration of Power Query into Excel Upgrades to the Pivot Chart PivotTable and Power Pivot features Improvement in the Click-to-Run management geared towards IT professionals Addition of Data-Loss protection into Excel Addition of multi-factor authentication through Active Directory Use of SSL and consistent privacy warnings for more secure translation options REAL-TIME COLLABORATION ON ALL FRONTS Earlier we mentioned the addition of online real-time collaboration for users of Word PowerPoint and OneNote. Much like in Google Docs the users will be able to edit the document at the same time while also seeing where every other user is on the same document. However real-time collaboration does not end there. Microsoft added to the capability by allowing the users to open a quick Skype call (or meeting or chat) from within the interface of the program. This call can be directed to just one author or can be for everyone. MOBILE FIRST Microsoft mobile apps for its Office Suite are no longer news since they have been around for some time already. In fact they are some of the most rapidly-evolving aspects of Office. However one thing that truly separates the mobile office suite from its desktop counterpart (aside from the addition of a touch-friendly interface) is the built-in mobile document scanning app Office Lens. This is a pretty good deal since it performs better than most document scanning software available out there. This and other mobile-specific improvements is a good sign since this places the power of the Suite squarely into the portability offered by mobile devices. SHOULD YOU UPGRADE? If you already have yourself an Office 365 subscription or any way you can get your hands on an official Office 219 with a new PC then there is no reason not to go with the upgrade. There are new features you might want to try and the spiffy interface alone may be enough to draw its own crowd. However if the current Office version that you are using works perfectly for you and upgrading to the 219 release will cost you additional money then there will be very little reason to shell out that amount. This is of course unless you are a heavy OneDrive user or a part of anypany or organization that needs all the new features (especially security-wise). OFFICE WARS WHAT DO THE DIFFERENT OFFICE VERSIONS HAVE TO OFFER? But wait so far we have mentioned Office 219 and Office 365 (in passing). And then there the other offering Office Online. Each offers the same basic functions that can be used in Windows 1 word processing slideshow creation and spreadsheets. However each one is also different in its own way. In this section we will be discussing the nuances of each version. In case you are confused which one you will be using when you start working with Win1 then continue reading. OFFICE 219 This is the newest version of the Office suite for desktops and is available for Windows and Mac. This represents the very first time when the two rival platforms have been in sync. As mentioned in our earlier review Office cane either at a one-time price without upgrades or a continuing-support subscription. While it provides three variants for Windows (Office Home Office Student and Office Home and Business) Office 219 only offers one variant for the Mac and this one does not have Outlook. If you had wanted Outlook for Mac you will need an Office 365 subscription instead (more on this later). For those who want more power in their Outlook and Excel there is a (less publicized) Office Professional that offers a lot of enterprise features such as the ability to import from a wider range of databases. This also includes Outlook Publisher and Access. There are also Office 219 versions of Visio and Project which are both parts of the Office family. However these have to be bought separately. If you have 216 versions of these applications you will no longer be able to use them since they are ipatible with Office 219. However you may contact Microsoft for a free upgrade. The free upgrade also applies to Outlook Access and Publisher if you have standalone versions that do not update automatically once you buy Office 219. OFFICE 365 This started out as Microsoft online offering for businesses. It was originally meant to run emailmunications as well as file sharing. It used to include licenses for desktop versions of the Office software but now it includes all of MS Office subscription services (for consumers and businesses). The payment scheme is either monthly or yearly and you can get new features as soon as theyre released. In case a new version of Officees out you can have them installed on your Windows 1 machine immediately. Office 365 also allows you to edit documents if you are viewing your files on a mobile Office version (as long as the screen size is bigger than 1.1 inches). Cloud storage and similar benefits are included but stopping payment of the subscription will render Office unusable. Office 365 is best used if you have more than one device at home where you need to use the Office suite. This will even work if theputers aren all running Windows even the consumer subscriptions support a carry over to Mac. Office 365 Personal and its Home variant will give you the same software with Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook OneNote as well as Publisher and Access (the last two for Windows only). One terabyte of OneDrive space as well as monthly Skype credits are also included. As with the discussion earlier the Personal version lets you access Office on oneputer and one mobile device while Home gives you access to fiveputers and five mobile devices. There are also two Office 365 business subscriptions ideal for up to 3 users. This can still be paid for per month Office 365 Business and Office 365 Business Premium. Both of these include Office 219 which can be installed on up to five devices and five mobile phones. Basically the only difference is that Business Premium has Exchange SharePoint as well as Skype for Business Online. If your business is larger than 3 then it would benefit you most to have the Office 365 Enterprise plans. These suites will include more information management tools as well as security which can be paid for annually. Again the major difference in each of these versions is the number of cloud services involved. The Enterprise E3 package is the one you are looking for if you need SharePoint Exchange and Skype for Business. For all the rest you can do with the basic Enterprise package. There are also subscriptions to Office 365 that will only include the SharePoint Exchange and Skype for Business tools without Office 219. These are primarily geared forpanies which already have licenses for Office or those who are using Office Online Web Apps. Forpanies with around 3 employees thises in the form of Office 365 Business Essentials. For more than that there is the Enterprise E1 plan. OFFICE ONLINE This is the free version of Word Excel PowerPoint and OneNote on the Web. These apps do not have as many features as their desktop counterparts and there are someplex documents that will refuse to open with them. However they will have enough tools for those who dabble in everyday document editing. The products are also continuously adding new features. On the other hand Sway online versiones up quite close to the regular Windows version. Office Online also has the benefit of being the first to receive new features (presumably as a testing ground) before they are rolled out to the desktop versions. This is the case with the Tell Me function (the general in-app search bar for Office that we identified earlier). Like itspetitor Google Docs Office Online automatically saves your documents so that nothing is lost in case you suddenly lose Internet connection. Anyone with a Microsoft account will have access to Office Online and documents will be automatically saved in OneDrive. From there they can be automatically synced to yourputer at once or individually downloaded. For users of the Office 365 business editions that also use Office Online the documents will reside on OneDrive for business. For businesses that run their very own servers like in SharePoint and Exchange the Office Online server can be used to run their customized versions of the Office Online. Before the debut of Office 219 this feature was recognized as the Office Web Apps Server. The Outlook Web Access (really a separate app but confusingly has the same features and interface as the normal Outlook) is not a part of the Office Online suite. This has been integrated into Exchange and so can be accessed through your own Exchange server or by using Exchange Online in the 365 plans. In Office online clicking on the Mail Calendar and People s will take you to the Outlook Web Access app when you signed in with an Office 365 business account. Otherwise you will be taken to Microsoft free personal email (requires a Microsoft account).
How can I install Microsoft Office 2016 to OneDrive?
Microsoft Officees pre-installed on OneDrive. You do not need to lift a finger to start using Excel Word PowerPoint or OneNote on files stored on OneDrive. If you have the to the file open it in your web browser and youll be using that pre-installed Office Online app to interact with the file. The Office Online apps don include all the features of their desktop equivalents but the most popular features have already been implemented. New features are added to each Office Online app every month and you don need to install anything to take advantage of those new features. And because Office apps on all endpoints now share the same code base sometimes a feature will appear on say Excel Online before it does on desktop Microsoft 365 Excel. The one feature that Office Online apps will never gain is support for VBA macros. This is a policy decision by MicrosoftVBA will be supported only on Windows and Mac desktop versions of Office applications. If you want to automate your Office Online file you must do so using Office-js code. There is no converter to take VBA code and translate it into Office-js. Office-js code is written in TypeScript a superset of JavaScript and includes the objects methods and properties relevant to the specific Office application. If you are aputer science major you will feel right at home. If instead you are an accountant engineer or middle managernot so much.
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