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How To Download Ppt From Slideshare If Download Is Disabled: What You Should Know

How to Download PPT from Slideshare for Free — YouTube You'll be able to download PowerPoint file with ease. Here, I'm going to give you the free download  How to Download slides from a Slide-Share from YouTube — YouTube Slideshare is a great free source to download presentations from. But this method could not remove the annoying loading that is involved after every click. You may think you got it solved with the step-wise Download method in step-by-step but if you're doing it wrong, you'll get the message that you are trying to Download a different type of file. But in the event you're not getting anything after that, it means that you have the correct steps. How To Download Slides From Google Slideshare: 1. Go to the concerned document you want to download. 2. Right click on blank space 3. If needed, Copy the content URL and paste it in Step 4. Go to the Download Link for the document and click on Download. 5. Select the file for download through file manager of system. 6. Double click to open. 7. Select the option to Save file to disk etc. 8. Click on Finish in order to complete the task. How To Download PPT from Slideshare: 1. Click on Download 2. Then click on any blank areas. 3. To do so, you need to copy the link of the slideshow from your PC and paste in Step 4. 4. Now you're done to download PPT. 5. After that, check whether your PC will automatically recognize it after that. 6. Once done, You've successfully Downloaded PPT from Slideshare This is not really the right way. You want to download PPT from YouTube, but you can't click on the Download button due to the author of the document has not disabled it. Instead of using YouTube as an alternative source of PPT, you may try downloading PPTs with these steps. How to download PowerPoint file from the free slide-sharing site Slideshare — Click on the Download link.  Click on “Download” button to download the PowerPoint file.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to download ppt from slideshare if download is disabled
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