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Make Apk: What You Should Know

Create Publishable APK... ‎ to download all necessary files as well as the final APK for distribution. How to publish your app How to Create a Publishable APK File for Your Android App on the Play Store or the Chrome Web Store If you make the APK available for distribution through the following two different places, people should have permission to install and run your app on their devices: The Play Store or the Chrome Web Store. Android Studio offers a shortcut to publish your app on the Chrome Web Store: When you select the Chrome Web Store as source, Android Studio will create a link to your app's APK, which is in your Project window for easy copying. Click it, and your APK becomes available on all supported devices. Note: You can also create a link to your APK in the Google Play Store, but it must be available on a Chrome-based device. Once you publish it on the Play Store, Google (and your app's owner) can see it on their app stores, which might be very important to get it installed. This method is useful if you create your own website where people can download the APK, or a store that is built on Google Web Platform that gives the user permission to upload the APKs. How to create an App How to create a Publishable APK File in Google Play This is your final step to make your APK available in Google Play, as well as in most other stores. In the main menu, choose Build → Publish Your Application. After this, your APK becomes available in most app stores that we are aware of.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing make apk


How can wes of Android apps?
Your question is not clear to me. how can wes from the code? or how do I from an existing application(installed from play store)? If I consider the first one then there are a ton of frameworks available to get your job done. Select whatever framework you wish to use. Then follow it's documentation to convert your code into an APK. For the second case use any back-up application to make the APK for an installed application. I won't suggest people to search for an APK file on the internet . Backing up an application is always safer than downloading it from the internet. Thanks.
I just know C language and I want to so how should I start?
Short answer is you use the Android native development kit. Android NDK | Android Developers s . You can call the Dalvik Java classes though an interfae that is part of the NDK. If you know C and SDL the transition isn't that hard. I suggest you learn SDL. As a rapid protor you can use X11Basic. Yeah I know it's BASIC but if you learned on the old Atari ST with GFA Basic then you'll be making apps straight off X11-Basic Homepage . You'll have to tackle packaging and manifest using the basic tools but if you know make well enough this isn't difficult either.
How do I make mod APK for Android games?
Well if you are intended to make mod of games then I am sure you have rooted phone. If not then root you phone. Well I think you want to of games that has unlimited stuff like coins and gems. OK then download lucky patcher and install it. Now the actual process began. Open luck patcher and click on the game that u want to hack. Click open menu of patches and click on support patch on inapp .. Lvl emulation. It will take time and then launch the game and try to do a purchase of extra gems and coins and you will notice that currency sign are removed from them like $25 changes into 25. Then you are done click on it and in offline games you have 99% of getting successful but sadly in online games only 1%. Well above method creates mod on you device only. Now to create mod click on create modified apk in option in lucky patcher of your game. Good now u can create it and share it on non rooted phone too Happy experience)
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