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Convert Ppt To PDF With Video: What You Should Know

But I don't think that's the case. “Practical” PPT and PDF To me, these actions, which are often useful, make the whole matter more theoretical, rather than a practical reality. As you can imagine, PDF can't do most of the things that PowerPoint can. It can't import slideshows. They are just different file types. In order to read a presentation in PDF, you would have to open it in a PDF reader like Acrobat. Why would you want to read an Acrobat-compressed PDF, in which you could only make a few comments, when you could just import a PowerPoint PDF and open it in an Acrobat Reader, save the file in Acrobat, and open it in PowerPoint. The best solution is to “save as” PowerPoint and import the PowerPoint into the PDF reader. (I can still comment, of course, but only using one-liners to make the most of PowerPoint's features.) In essence, the only “real” solution, in my opinion. But it's been my experience in my own organization that, as most things are not as easy as they appear, “save as” was used as a shortcut to something else.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing convert ppt to pdf with video

Instructions and Help about convert ppt to pdf with video

Hello everyone my name is Ahmed and in this video I'm going to show you how to convert your animated the PowerPoint presentation to PDF file without using this animation so let's say that we have this very simple presentation that basic that has like a cover slide and two more slides with the content of the presentation and the content of the presentation is in the form of like animated objects so if we go ahead and start the slide show in this presentation and we go down the slides we will see the objects appearing and disappearing with this presentation right for the two slides that we have here so what what we would like to do in the in this tutorial is converting this Music PowerPoint presentation to a PDF file without losing this animation that we just saw so you might think of directly converting this to a PDF like using the standard PDF conversion in PowerPoint so if we go to save as and then we choose the PDF option down here and then I'm just going to change the name for the saved PDF file and general just kind of say save right so this gives us this video file here which which has the three slides but you will see that all the animated objects like overlapped and apparently this is not like a meaningful PDF like you basically lost off your lost lost all of your animation that you wanted to actually keep so what I'm going to show you in this video how to convert the this PowerPoint presentation into a PDF file like this one here that captures exactly the animation of the PowerPoint Asia so the PDF file we like you should expect after this tutorial it's a PDF...


How can I memorize everything in a PowerPoint presentation as a medical student?
I also study form lecture notes and what I would rmend is to convert ppt to PDF and upload it to OneNote. This will help you to make note-taking during the lecture much easier. When you go home read ppt slides and your notes in OneNote and then watch related Lecturio videos. Make notes from those video lectures andbine your lecture notes and lecturio notes with each other. This is how I study in medical school and it works pretty well.
What are some computer tricks that a CS student must know?
I be writing someputer tricks that I think most of the people don know about. Some of these tricks are already mentioned on Quora some I found randomly surfing on YouTube and some of them I discovered meself messing with my PC out of boredom. The Illuminati Folder italic Well technically its just a folder hidden in sight. You can use it store your files which you don want your boss partner to see or to store your 1 gb study materials ;p Find a suitable folder to hide or create one on your desktop. Right click = Rename. While renaming it hold the Alt key and press 16 from the numberpad to input the ASCII values of an empty space. Your Folder name is now hidden. To hide the folder icon right click the folder = Properties = Customize = Change Icon. From the list of available icons find the blank one and apply it. Voila now you have a secret vault for yourself. Note 1)You have to use the numberpad the number keys on top won work. 2)Place it somewhere in the bright part of background else you may see the outline. italic The Window Wobble italic I found this a few years back using a Windows 8 Laptop. According to the Devs this thing exists since the time of Windows 7. When you have a hell lot of windows open and want all windows except one to minimize grab that window by the top bar and shake it to minimize the unwanted windows. The Super Kill italic This works only in Windows 1. Whenever your PC gets hanged to the extent that you can even use Task Manager use this method. Sometimes it happens that when some PC game gets hanged it turns the screen black and when you try to open TM it opens but is not displayed on the screen and hidden under that blackness. What you do here is make use of Windows 1 multiple virtual desktops feature. Assume that the program Mass Effect 2 has made myputer to hang. italic Make sure that Task Manager isn open in the present desktop youre working in. Switch to a new virtual desktop using Ctrl+Win+D. On the new virtual desktop youll see that the hang in the previous desktop won affect this one. Simply open Task Manager and terminate that damn program causing the hang. The Quick Shot italic To right of the Start Button there are a few programs which youve pinned. They are called Quick Launch Programs. You can use your keyboard to launch them. Each program has a assigned number. For example the first program(left most) is 1 then2u232 3 ..and so on. You can easily launch them by pressing Win+assigned number . Here clicking Win+5 will open Chrome Win+8 will open Xbox etc. The Replicator If you want to open a fresh copy a a window simply click on it using the Middle Mouse Button (the wheel). OR you can hold the Shift key and left click on it normally. The Secret Send italic Usually when we right click an item and hover over the Send to sub-option we get a list of possible destinations. What you have to do is while Right clicking hold the Shift key to unlock a few more options in the options list as well as a few more destinations in the Send to list. The Pro Snipper italic The new Snipping tool is seriously underrated. Instead of taking a screeenshot of the whole window using Print Scr button on your keyboard you can selectively snip out portions of your screen and modify them in the improved Snipping tool. All you have to do is start up the snipping tool select the desired area and save it or modify and save according to your will. You can also use Shift+Win+S to open an instance of Snipping tool and copy the snipped part to you clipboard for copy pasting purposes. The DIY Shortcuts italic Im sure a majority of you don use this super time saver. Just Right Click the program and go to properties. There in the Shortcuts tab youll find the Shortcut Key option. Click on the Shortcut key field and enter your desiredbination of keys. Save it and use them in the future to quickly open the programs. The Resurrection Protocol italic Whenever you delete an item it is not lostpletely. No Im not talking about Recycle Bin. Even if you delete it from the Recycle Bin there italic still an option to get it back. Just Right Click on the folder your file was present in go to the Previous Versions tab select the version you want to restore open and view it if you want to check click on restore. Youll get your file back. Note You can use this function if you System Protection is switched off. To switch it on open System Properties click on System Protection select the desired drive click on Configure and enable System Protection. horizontal-rule That all I have to share folks. Please upvote it as I really worked hard on this answer. HESOYAM italic Note italic 1) Noputers were harmed during the making of this answer. italic 2) The titles are just some fancy names I came up with last night. Any similarity to some actual title is purely coincidental. italic
How do you increase backlinks by using off page SEO activities?
Hello the SEO Offpage consists of the actions taken by thepany and partners outside the site in order to improve page position in Google results . After all to gain authority over Google it is critical that the search engine see how your website's reputation is on the web. ufffdXufffdueufffddv How to perform this optimization in 5 steps? 1. Create an unforgettable content One of the best strategies to get attention on the internet and attract powerful s to your website is with content marketing . That is have a blog and create content frequently . The more people are affected by your content the more chances your site has to receive interesting s . Find partner blogs that can to your page and help your site gain strength. SpinnerChief 5 also added the new paragraph and sentence swap spin function that makes your articles to be more unique. The better news is that now you can create and edit yourself paragraph spinning rule in SpinnerChief 5 that helps you to spin paragraph much more readable and unique. But keep in mind that these building strategies should be applied according to con . Otherwise trying to elevate a website's popularity to gain more traffic will be frustrating! That is it is not just the quantity but the quality of the s received. Importantly one relevant content is based on the main challenges and interests of his persona. So try to clearly identify all the habits of the character that represents your ideal client . Only with this information will you be able to create original content that wins the interest of your potential customers . 2. Participate actively in social networks The social networks are great channels to build a positive reputation for your business . Consequently through these networks it is possible to increase the popularity in the acting market by sharing content and interacting with potential customers. Create an online presence on social networks and be a digital referenc . centufffdXufffdu2ufffddv The relationship between brands and consumers has been totally transformed with the arrival of these networks. The ability of people to propagate a message is enhanced by these channels. In this way more and more people will be reached by your brand. As a result this awareness increases your site's traffic and business - generating opportunities . Think about it! 3. Interact with strategy in the digital environment Another very effective strategy for spontaneous attraction ismenting on blogs of the same niche . Makements on some articles with relevant arguments solve possible questions and or create a discussion on the subject matter discussed. This broadens your authority and also draws the focus to your site . Just like blogs groups and forums are very conducive spaces to share your content . It is important to be careful not to create SPAM but rather to demonstrate relevance and credibility in your market. That way you have the opportunity to turn your business into a benchmark in the acting segment and gain valuable s to your site. 4. Find the most important sites to receive quality backs To find the most relevant sites that can help you receive qualified backs use the Similar Site Search tool . Just enter the URL of your portal and the tool presents the sites with topics related to yours. This way you can propose a strategy of guest posts that is invite the main sites of this list to write on your blog. ufffdu15ufffdufffdu15ufffdXufffd=ufffddv In addition to increasing the volume of traffic with the guest site audience which is already fantastic your blog will receive many backs. So the more quality s your site receives the more credibility it will have with Google . As a result the more confidence your page inspires the better the placement in search results. 5. Incorporate Offpage SEO Strategies to Onpage SEO Actions It's no use trying to attract more visitors and increase the number of iing s if the site does not apply the basic SEO tactics internally. The internal and external environments are closely ed if the idea is to win the preference of Google . So be sure to optimize page titles and subheadings create meta descriptions and friendly URLs and most importantly define the most relevant keywords. Optimized internal pages make the difference in ranking in search engine results. It is therefore crucial that they are intered with alternate keywords. That is it is critical that the internal s be distributed evenly between the pages. This creates a healthy equivalency within the site. agmenufffdXufffd9ufffddv
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