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Hello and welcome to this video tutorial from computer Garga comm and in this video we are going to look at the two best things you can do to reduce your PowerPoint file size now there are many things you can do now which will include from not embedding fonts unless you need to removing excess master slides you know linking to videos rather than embedding them there are many things you can do we want to focus on the two best things now the first of those will be that you may notice at the top of my screen that my powerpoint at slide decks I'm using here a very basic one it's only got four slides in it but that I'm in compatibility mode now this can be a fairly common thing for people to do if they're doing a lot of traveling and they're delivering these presentations at many sites you may want to save it in an older version 3 training sure that it's going to work on the various devices and computers that you end up delivering using but if you know you're gonna use your own piece of kit your own laptop then you don't need that so that's gonna make a big difference if I just jump out of PowerPoint for a moment and have a look at this file this is it never hover over it it's 836 kilobytes so it's not a lot because only for slides it's only got a couple of pictures but that's what it is at the moment 836 kilobytes but go back to my powerpoint presentation and if I go for file save as and if I upgrade this to the current PowerPoint presentation format these XML formats and if I save that and let's go and check this one out so there's the old one the 836 kilobytes the is the new one 738 kilobytes so even in this tiny file of God you know the bigger the firewood a greater the influence and the difference it will make I've dropped 100 kilobytes you know 100 kilobytes from 98 to be precise kilobytes dropped just by doing that imagine what it will be with larger files and the you know we're looking at a lot of kind of megabytes a net dropped now the other big thing that you can do is compress your images now I've got two images here very basic image here and a slightly more elaborate photographic image here let's pick on this photographic one let me give it a click so I'll get the format tab at the top in here I can click on compress pictures and we'll have various settings to play around with now first of all scaling top to bottom we've got apply it only to this picture now I've got a couple of pictures here so I'm going to uncheck that box so I compress them both at the same time now.