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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing convert ppt to pdf with notes
Instructions and Help about convert ppt to pdf with notes

This click tutorial is going to show you how to save a piece of a PowerPoint to a PDF file and also include the speaker notes so that your instructor can read and grade you on your speaker notes as well as the content of your slides so here you have your presentation in your PowerPoint and you'll see that you have your title slide and your content slides and if you're using speaker notes you can view them by clicking notes and have them at the bottom so whatever notes you add will be down here so we'll just write speaker notes so we can see them synchronize added here now when you upload this as a PowerPoint to our blackboard system it will not include the speaker notes so in order to have your instructor see your speaker notes you'll have to save it as a PDF and upload it that way to do this you simply go to file save as you're going to choose where you want to save it in your computer you're going to give it a title so we'll do student project milestone one for example and here you can see the save as type and you'll want to choose PDF from this drop-down list and here's PDF select that I will have this open file after publishing so you can just check to make sure that everything went through properly and here in the options tab is where you'll select the format so that you can see the speaker notes as well as the slides so you can see here under publish options it says published what and it gives you some choices so know the set of slides you're going to choose notes pages and that will show both the slides and the notes pages in your PDF file and make sure that it stays on all four the range so that your entire presentation is printed into the PDF and once you make those that change right there you simply click OK and then you can click Save you'll see that as soon as it's done publishing to PDF it will pop up and we can take a look so you see here here's the title slide that you had that didn't have any speaker notes and here's the first slide that you had in your content and you'll see that you can see easily our speaker notes right here so this way when you submit this PDF file your instructor can see both the content of your slides and your additional notes and she and he or she can give you feedback on both.


How do I save a PowerPoint presentation with the notes page as a Word document or as a PDF file?
Run this macro Courtesy Export the notes of a presentation Sub ExportNotesText() Dim oSlides As Slides Dim oSl As Slide Dim oSh As Shape Dim strNotesText As String Dim strFileName As String Dim intFileNum As Integer Dim lngReturn As Long ' Get a filename to store the collected strFileName = InputBox(FEShare FolderLeadership 216Leadership_216_Draft (2) Output file?) ' did user cancel? If strFileName = Then Exit Sub End If ' is the path valid? crude but effective test try to create the file. intFileNum = FreeFile() On Error Resume Next Open strFileName For Output As intFileNum If < Then ' we have a problem MsgBox Couldn't create the file & strFileName & vbCrLf _ & Please try again. Exit Sub End If Close #intFileNum ' temporarily ' Get the notes Set oSlides = For Each oSl In oSlides For Each oSh In If = ppPlaceholderBody Then If Then If Then strNotesText = strNotesText & Slide & CStr() & vbCrLf _ & & vbCrLf & vbCrLf End If End If End If Next oSh Next oSl ' now write the to file Open strFileName For Output As intFileNum Print #intFileNum strNotesText Close #intFileNum ' show what we've done lngReturn = Shell( & strFileName vbNormalFocus) End Sub
How can I convert 2010 PowerPoint with notes to PDF?
s - it is online tool allows you to convert a PPT presentation to a PDF document for free.
How can I memorize everything in a PowerPoint presentation as a medical student?
I also study form lecture notes and what I would rmend is to convert ppt to pdf and upload it to OneNote. This will help you to make note-taking during the lecture much easier. When you go home read ppt slides and your notes in OneNote and then watch related Lecturio videos. Make notes from those video lectures andbine your lecture notes and lecturio notes with each other. This is how I study in medical school and it works pretty well.
Which PDF app has the best reading experience?
I use PDFelement on my iPhone and I love it! Firstly it ispletely freeuff1 I didn not receive any charge for updating or features! You can just download from App Store uff8search PDFelement uff9 Secondly it is so powerful! 1. read pdfs you can easily make marks like drawing arrows stamps highlights underlines sticky notes and hand-writing signature! Impresive!! 2. scan to pdf my daily receipts tickels bills hand-writing notes! it can scan to pdf very easily and fast! 3. convert pdfs to vaiour format word image excel ppt etc. 4. share pdf it can transfer pdf from my phone to my laptop when they are under one wifi! Love it ! You can realy give it a try!